untitledpencil on watercolour paper2014Daisy Parris

"Some women are
lost in the fire.
Some women are
built from it."

- Michelle K., Some.  (via buddhabrot)

(via buddhabrot)

James Jean postcards released by Chronicle Book on Feb. 25th
“Love From Hawaii” Free Encouragement Project (Gallery of Postcard Senders)
Katie So, Vancouver based illustrator 
my own strange pathink on paper, 16x20”
justin nelson
idol handsink on paper, 8x10”
justin nelson
Kelley Hagemes 
Kelley Hagemes 

From Warning Shadows (1923).

Zhang Xiao

“Melun Diptych: Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels”, c.1450, Jean Fouquet.

Rosalind Russell